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Looking for ways to protect your guests and property from bed bugs?

Unfortunately there are no gizmos, gadgets or 'miracle' sprays that can deal with every aspect of eradicating bed bugs. And because there are so many variables to consider when dealing with bed bugs, the 'miracle' product is likely the worst of them all.

For the accommodation industry, it is vital that you adopt a multi-pronged attack. You cannot wait until a guest complains that they have been bitten because it is too late - you have failed to provide your guest a healthy and pristine environment to sleep in, and without the correct backup, this leaves you liable to litigation.

Another issue within the industry is the 'self-confessed bed bug expert'. There are many managers that have read about bed bugs, have experienced bed bugs, and therefore assume that they are bed bug experts.

We can assure you, if you have not worked within the bed bug industry and dealt with the inspection and eradication processes you will not understand how to properly deal with them. This might seem harsh, but it is a reality we see on a regular basis.

Leave it to the experts, as it takes years of trial and error to become an expert in your field of work. Don't wait until the bed bugs bite - put a relatively inexpensive policy and procedure system in place.