The time to take action is now. With remUVe, the solution is simple to deploy and to manage



Being pro-active and having systems against bed bugs in place is something that must be catered for: simply pretending that bed bugs will never enter your building is naïve. For bed bugs, our blood is their source of food, and they will hitch-hike along with us no matter where we go.

Burying your head in the sand gives your guests an upper hand when a bed bug incident does occur. It's now common-place for members of the accommodation industry to be sued just for having bed bugs in their properties. But with Cleantech systems in place, you can avoid any litigation and have proactive responses to any complaint or sighting of bed bugs.

Ask yourself this simple question: would every member of your staff know what to do if they encountered bed bugs or a bed bug complaint? If the answer is no, you do not have a working bed bug policy and procedure.