remUVe operators are uniquely positioned to detect bed bugs in hotels before
they become a nuisance.





You care about the experience your customers receive while visiting your property, and would hate to see your team's hard work overshadowed by a pest problem. Bed bug infestations are becoming an increasingly serious issue in Australian hotels and professional accommodation venues, but remUVe has a solution to keep your brand protected.

The realities of international tourism make it impossible to stop bed bugs from entering your building, but putting systems in place to detect them before your guests do, to stop them from spreading to other rooms and to minimise disruption to your letting pool is simple with remUVe.

Our team specialises in providing hotels, resorts, backpacker hostels, aged care facilities and other professional accommodation venues with policies and procedures drawn from years of hands-on experience in tackling this specialised and sensitive issue.

Amongst our offerings are the following:

  • Bed bug maintenance packages tailored to your individual needs
  • Inspection services
  • Guaranteed eradication in both single and multiple rooms
  • Staff training (with the provision of easy-to-use booklets and handbooks)
  • On-site bed bug policies and procedural documentation
  • Hard and soft-copy backups for you to provide your guests with in a bed bug encounter
  • Easy-to-use bed bug inspection monitors for your housekeeping staff to use between our biannual in-depth bed bug maintenance program inspections (This process is designed to ensure it adds zero time to your busy housekeeping staff schedule)

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